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What is the difference between stucco and plaster? 

When it comes to the makeup of the two substances, stucco and plaster are the same. In construction, the terms are used to describe how the materials are used and not their composition. Plaster is typically used on the inside of a building, while stucco is applied to the outside of a structure. 

Why should I choose stucco for my walls? 

Stucco and plaster are durable, attractive, and weather-resistant. Both are a great option for covering up other base building materials, like cement, blocks, or even metal. Since 1989, the team at Dwayne Snider Stucco and Plaster Contracting has been enhancing and improving both homes and businesses with our stucco and plaster work. 

Do you re-stucco old homes?

Dwayne Snider Stucco and Plaster Contracting has over 40 years of work experience on homes old and new. Many of our clients are homeowners who love where they are but just need an update for their exterior. We are known for a job well done and our extremely focused attention to detail—a crucial factor when working with a material like this. No matter the current condition of your home’s exterior, our experienced and knowledgeable team will make it look brand new with our architectural foam, adding depth and elegance to your home. In order to make sure your new stucco adheres, we meticulously inspect your existing walls to check for cracks or weaknesses. We make repairs as needed, then apply your new coat, finishing with a smooth and uniform layer that will last a lifetime. Call now for a free estimate.

How do you repair cracks in my existing stucco? 

Depending on the extent of the damage, repairing cracks in both plaster and stucco can be a relatively fast and easy process. Small hairline cracks can be resealed with a finish coat or even simply a coat of paint. If you have damage, even the smallest cracks, you need to call a professional. You can’t simply correct damaged plaster and stucco with caulking materials. By hiring experienced contractors, you can be sure your repairs are done correctly and will be completely unnoticeable next to the rest of your home. If you’ve got cracks, we can fix them. Call now for a free estimate to see what we can do for you. 

How long will my stucco last? 

There are many, many factors that contribute to the lifespan of your stucco and plaster. However, a properly prepared surface along with stucco that is made with the right components can potentially last a lifetime. Its hard surface is resistant to abrasion and wear, and it can stand up against the harshest climates.

Is stucco a safe choice for a building material? 

One of the benefits of choosing these materials for your home is their resistance to fire. These materials are some of the safest finishes for your home or place of business. Stucco and plaster are essentially a very fine grade cement. Therefore, they aren’t good conductors of heat and do not burn. While exposed beams or other components within your home may catch fire (décor, furniture, etc.), the plastered walls of your home will not. 

Can I paint stucco to get the color I want? 


We can paint exterior and interior plasters any color you like. Our team has been both applying and painting plasters for years, so we know exactly the type of paint and the proper techniques to use to make sure you home looks great with no peeling or cracking. It’s important that you choose a contractor who has specific experience painting plaster. Cement-based paints work best with plasters because both are made from the same material. Other types of paint affect the breathability of the plaster and can serious affect the durability and integrity of even the most professional application. 

My stucco is black. Is this a problem? 

Your walls should never turn a dark black color. This is an indicator that moisture has leaked into your home and mold is growing. This happens when the materials have not been properly applied or the curing process was not completed as it should have been. Though mold is a serious issue, it can certainly be remedied. Give us a call, and we will give you a free estimate to inspect the damage and get to work repairing your home. 

Do you do stucco maintenance? 

Stucco is an absolutely beautiful choice for your home, business, or any other building, for that matter. It’s long-lasting and timeless, a perfect combination. But proper maintenance is essential to keep your home looking great and maintaining its integrity. For that reason, we offer expert power washing services to keep your home looking brand new. 

How long does a stucco job take? 

The length of time for us to complete the job depends on many factors. The size of your home or building plays a big role in how quickly we can get the project done. Whether or not you want new stucco or a repair or reapplication will also factor in. Our goal is to provide a superior final product in a timely manner without compromising quality or service. Call now for a free estimate. Our owner will be able to not only give you a price estimate, but they’ll give you a realistic timeline for your project. 

Does your stucco application depend on the weather?

We can only apply exterior stucco in dry conditions. If it’s raining, the materials won’t set. We plan our exterior projects around good weather conditions so we can complete you project as soon as possible without having to pause for weather interruptions. However, we can take care of interior plaster work at any time. 

In addition to stucco, what kind of plaster work do you do?


Plaster is a great way to add texture and depth to your walls, giving your space a unique look. In addition to walls, we specialize in plaster mantels, which are great options because of their durability and fire resistance. Unlike other mantels, they don’t conduct heat, so there is no risk of fire, of course, but they also remain cool to the touch.